This procedural manual has been prepared to provide a concise and user friendly guide to the import/export process in Grenada. It is intended to contribute to improving facilitation of trade in Grenada by making the processes and various government requirements and regulations more transparent and better understood by all stake-holders. Better understanding of the process and the role and responsibilities of the various participants, is expected to lead to savings in both time and money for traders, and to contribute to reduced bottlenecks thereby strengthening the business climate in Grenada. 
The Manual is structured to reflect the various processes involved in the import and export of goods in Grenada, beginning with the steps required in advance of the actual trade transaction, moving through the processes involved in the actual trade transaction and then to activities that may take place following the transaction. It is organized into sections dealing with import and export. A narrative description of the various processes is followed by process maps that depict the processes in a more visual manner.