This procedural manual has been prepared to provide a concise and user friendly guide to the import/export process in Grenada. It is intended to contribute to improving facilitation of trade in Grenada by making the processes and various government requirements and regulations more transparent and better understood by all stakeholders. Better understanding of the processes and of the roles and responsibilities of the various participants, is expected to lead to savings in both time and money for traders, and to contribute to reduced bottlenecks thereby strengthening the business climate in Grenada.

The Customs and Excise Division of the Ministry of Finance of Grenada recently upgraded its customs processing system to ASYCUDA World, a sophisticated, web enabled system that will provide benefits to both the Government and traders through more efficient, electronic processing of trade transactions. The long term goal is to eliminate the requirements for hard copy documents in the import and export clearance processes. When the new system is fully implemented new procedures will be phased in over time, necessitating regular updating of this manual. Additional details on the ASYCUDA World system can be found on Customs and Excise Division’s website at –

The Manual also addresses the requirements of other Government Ministries and Agencies that play a role in the import/export process, either as permit or license granting agencies or technical agencies responsible for ensuring that imports and exports meet technical standards for health and product safety protection, and environmental protection. Over time, plans are to integrate these various technical requirements into a common processing environment under the framework of an electronic single window for trade transactions. As will be seen, interim steps have already been taken to enable ASYCUDA World to provide information and processing services on behalf of other government agencies.

Who should use this manual?

This Manual is intended as a guide for all participants and stakeholders in import/export processes. This includes importers and exporters (both Grenadian and foreign), trading companies, transportation companies, shipping agents, freight forwarders, freight consolidators, customs clearance agents, warehouse operators, potential investors, etc. It will also be of use to other stakeholders, including government departments and agencies involved in regulating or supporting foreign trade transactions.

The Manual is a guide only and has no legal basis. Users should contact the relevant agencies if they have questions regarding the procedures outlined in the Manual or require further details or interpretations. The list of Government of Grenada contact points can be found in Stakeholders.