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24 Jul 2017

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, JULY 24, 2017: Grenada is preparing to host an Agri-business Expo which will serve as a vehicle for regional and international exposure of the country’s products.

The Grenada Agri-business Expo 2017 will be from Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, 2017, at the Grenada Trade Centre, in Morne Rouge, St. George.

During the launch on Tuesday, July 18, Agriculture Minister, Hon. Yolande Bain-Horsford, said while there is creativity in the agri-business sector, there is need for a professional brand.

She said, “What we’ll be doing over the next few weeks is to get the training to these small businesses; get them in line in preparation for exhibiting their products, because some of them – you know – are still tying little bags and doing little things - they don’t have proper labels.

The lab has not tested their stuff to see if it’s - the shelf life – to know if it can stay on the shelf for a while. We don’t want that, but we have to make sure that if that happens, they would not lose all their monies that they have put into the project.” 

 The expo is the brainchild of the Agriculture Minister, who saw the latent potential of the sector and declared 2017 the year of agri-business, in Grenada.
 Alva Browne, from the Ministry of Agriculture, spoke of the expo’s objectives.

“The main objective of the expo is to foster networking and linkages among producers, agro-processors, investors and suppliers, while displaying Grenada’s current agro-products and providing an avenue where established products can be showcased and improved and new products developed. 

The expo will also serve as a vehicle for regional and international exposure of Grenada’s products,” Browne said.

 Additionally, the Grenada Agri-business Expo 2017 will include a Career Day for students, a Farmers Market and Health Fair.

24 Jul 2017

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, MONDAY 24 JULY, 2017– GIS: The House of Representatives has authorized the Minister of Finance to borrow six million US dollars as additional financing for the OECS regional tourism competitiveness project. 

This is in addition to a loan Agreement entered into with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to obtain Financing for the project.

The motion was brought by Finance Minister Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, who said a core objective of the project is to facilitate the movement of people in the region using existing ferry systems.

“If we don’t have, the vessels and the ferries it would affect tourism, it would also affect trade in a very serious way" Dr. Mitchell said.

"So that’s why I said it’s a combination of activities we are looking at, the second one is to market the region as one destination, in other words there is that perception that if I just go of on my own and market and see to it that the rest don’t get mention, I get hurt to”.

It will also help to improve potential tourism sites, especially those in the rural areas, leading to an increase in jobs.

“The key beneficiaries would be the following, increase contribution to GDP of cost, employment opportunities, foreign exchange increases, an opportunity to leverage investment to secure additional financing, " Prime Minister Mitchell explained.

"Increased occupancy in the Hotel Sector, increase earnings for the taxi operators, more earnings from small business sectors, like the vendors, for example new business opportunities for ferry operators, and increase in inter-regional trade which I mentioned before, and of course increase tourism activity".

The term for the loan is thirty years for maturity with an almost ten year grace period, with an interest rate of 2.44%.

24 Jul 2017

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, MONDAY 24 JULY, 2017– GIS: Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Development has commended the government of Grenada for what she calls a tremendous example of social engagement.

Mrs. Cecelia Caesar Chavannes, a Grenadian by birth, who was on a brief visit to her homeland, said it is always wise for a government to take into account the needs and views of all sides.

Social Partners, which include Churches, Trade Unions and the business community, are all on board in the process of nation building in Grenada.

"We appreciate that Grenada does this, we appreciate that there is this active civil engagement that is something that I think Grenadians should be very proud of because it means that there is a consulting of effort to ensure that their voice is truly reflecting in Government and most importantly reflecting in policy" said the Parliamentary Secretary

Mrs. Caesar Chavannes says government’s method of all inclusiveness and reporting regularly on its work is being recognized all over.

"Government’s commitment to hosting town halls and reporting the results of policies and programmes did not go un-notice and I’ve heard about it during this trip as well", said the Parliamentary Secretary.

“I don’t know if it’s because I insist on telling people that I am Grenadian or if it’s because people are watching what Grenada is doing as an example but whatever it is keep doing it because it is recognized and appreciated”.

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