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08 Dec 2017

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, DEC. 08, 2017 - The Government of Grenada is undertaking a major initiative in the St. Patrick area, which is expected to decrease the unemployment rate in that parish and, by extension, Grenada.  

Making his contribution to the 2018 budget on Nov. 30, the Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick West, Hon. Anthony Boatswain, said the development is expected to bring real benefits to young people in Grenada.

“This Government has taken the bold decision to purchase a three-storey furniture factory building, owned by the Mc Leish family and mortgaged to the Grenada Development Bank, and it has been agreed, Mr. Speaker, that this furniture factory, that is located in the Mt. Rich/Snell Hall area, will be transformed into a national centre for skill training for our people.

Mr. Speaker – a national centre, but even more, it will be used as a national centre for the production and repair of all furniture required in our schools throughout Grenada, Mr. Speaker, and we know that the demand for school furniture is a million-dollar plus business.

Therefore, we are looking at a productive enterprise and not one that will be dependent on Government’s subsistence, Mr. Speaker,” he said.  

A training programme will begin soon, targeting more than 60 young people, many of whom will be employed at the facility, which could begin operations early in 2018.

Additionally, Hon. Boatswain said, “The potential spinoff, Mr. Speaker, is great, because we are talking about furniture making for schools; we’re talking about logging; we’re talking about transportation; we’re talking about actual production; we’re talking about marketing, so many activities; so many spin-offs. Mr. Speaker, from an activity like that I anticipate hundreds of jobs, but I do not want to be selfish, the centre will not be only for St. Patrick, It will be a national training centre, so anyone, from any part of Grenada, wishing to be trained in the modern art of furniture-making, will be able to come to that centre, right there in Mt. Rich,Mr. Speaker.”

With all that will be put in place by government, Minister Boatswain said he expects unemployment to decrease below the 20 percent mark.

06 Dec 2017
It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Grenada, that Grenada has been one of 17 countries to be blacklisted by the EU Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation).

On 5th December 2017, the Council approved and published conclusions containing an EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions in taxation matters.

The reason put forward for Grenada being included on the list is as follows:

Grenada  has  not  signed  and  ratified  the  OECD  Multilateral  Convention  on  Mutual  Administrative Assistance  as amended  and did not  clearly  commit  to addressing  these  issues by  31  December  2018. Grenada’s commitment to comply with criteria 1.1, 2.1 and 3 will be monitored.

It is important to note that Grenada made high level commitments, complete with timelines, to the EU Code of Conduct group by way of letters on the 17th and 28th November 2017, to action concerns raised by the group regarding meeting all the criteria set up by the EU Council for Transparency and fairness in Taxation. And we are well on track to doing so.

Grenada has enacted and signed into force both the primary and secondary legislation which are required for implementing the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance (the MAC). In addition, Grenada has expended a significant amount of resources to put in place structures and processes to facilitate exchange of information on taxation with countries in the European Union.

Inadvertently, Grenada did not provide a timeline for signing the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance—given that a timeline was not in the Code of Conduct request. It must be noted though, that Grenada fully stated its commitment to sign in aforementioned correspondences.

Now that the Blacklisting for that reason has been brought to our attention, the Minister of Finance has written to the code of conduct group, specifying our commitment to sign the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance by 31st December, 2018.

Further in this regard, the Minister of Finance has requested that Grenada be de-listed soonest considering that we adequately and formally indicated our commitment to comply with all the stipulations of the code of conduct group going forward, and therefore should not have been included on the published blacklist.
05 Dec 2017
The Government of Grenada is reaping positive results on the Regional Government Securities Market (RGSM) due to increased investor confidence.

On November 29, 2017, the Government issued an EC$20.00 million, 365 day ‘Treasury Bill’, which was oversubscribed by EC$18.19 million at a reduced interest rate of 3.0%.

Additionally, an EC$15 million 91 day Bill, was issued on 1st December, 2017; which was also oversubscribed to the tune of EC$30.37 million at an even lower interest rate of 2.5%.

Due to the high demand by investors both securities were competitively auctioned resulting in 17 bids for the 365 day ‘Bill’ and 21 bids for the 91 day ‘Bill’.

These successful auctions are a direct result of local, regional and international confidence in the management of Grenada’s finances, as a consequence of the just completed, Home Grown Structural Adjustment Program, undertaken by the Government of Grenada.
07 Nov 2017

In an effort to reduce vulnerability to natural hazards and build resilience to climate change impacts, the Government of Grenada will be upgrading the topographical data and mapping of the tri-island state.

Through the Regional Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project, which is funded by the World Bank and the Climate Investment Fund, the Government has hired the firm Fugro of France to conduct a topographical survey of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, using LiDAR Technology.

LiDAR technology is used to capture a view of the land surface from above which will then be used to develop topographical maps, depth of coastal waters, Vegetation type, Land Use, Cadestral Data as well as to develop a survey map of Grenada.

Please be advised therefore that from Tuesday November 7, 2017, a helicopter will be flying over the islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique at an approximate height of 1804 feet (or 550 meters), to facilitate the conduct of the LiDAR topographical survey.

This activity is expected have a duration of two weeks, and will generate some overhead noise. The Government of Grenada thanks you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

30 Oct 2017

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, Friday, October 27, 2017: The Minister of Finance and Energy, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, will present the 2018 Budget on Monday 27th November, 2017, at the Grenada Trade Centre, St. George’s, commencing 10:00 am. 
The theme for the 2018 Budget is: ““Safeguarding Our Gains and Continuing Our Progress” 

The theme focuses on protecting the macro-economic gains made in the past few years. It also looks forward to continued progress on that solid foundation.

During his presentation, the Prime Minister will highlight the major achievements for 2017 and detail Government’s Plans and Programs for 2018 and beyond.

As part of the preparation process, the Ministry of Finance and Energy, held Consultations with all Ministries, Government Departments, and other stakeholders including Civil Society, the Labour Unions, the Business Community, selected interest groups including Farmers, Agro-processors, Fisher-folk and for the first time, a Youth Consultation was held to garner the views of the young people.

The Budget Presentation is a National Exercise; therefore the General Public is invited to be a part of the Audience at the Trade Centre on 27th November,  2017 beginning from 10:00 a.m. Persons should be seated by 9:30 a.m., dressed in formal/business attire.

18 Oct 2017

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, OCT. 18, 2017 –Grenada’s Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Hon. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, has made an appeal to the international community to not use an ‘across-the-board formula’ for ranking the GDP per capita of countries.

In an address at the official opening of the State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC), at the Radisson Beach Resort, on Oct. 10, 2017, Hon. Modeste-Curwen said there is a need to recognize the unique challenges that Small Island Developing States face, as a result of the frequency and intensity of hurricanes.

“While our contribution to global warming is indeed miniscule, the impact on us is severe.

The GDP per capita formula utilized to rank countries should not be applied across the board. As we all know, one unfortunate weather event can wipe out a considerable percentage of the GDP of any member state.

The international community, therefore, must recognize or unique situation in this regard and fashion developmental support, accordingly,” the Minister said.

For years, CARICOM leaders have been imploring the international community to revise the criteria for concessionary financing, to include a country’s vulnerability level.

Hugh Riley, Secretary General and CEO of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) said they must use the SOTIC conference to learn from the events of the recent past, to build a better, stronger future.

Riley stated that when the next chapter in Caribbean tourism is written, 2017 will have special mention - more so the month of September - when Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Anguilla, Barbuda, the Bahamas, the BVI, Dominica, the Republic of Cuba and others.

“The one where we accept that any one of us can be knocked down hard at any time, but we must learn how to fight through the pain and rise again. Just ask Grenada. Just ask Dr. Keith Mitchell, who was the Prime Minister at the time when Hurricane Ivan ravaged this island in 2004.

Just ask Dr. Clarice Modeste, at the time the Minister of Works, what this island looked like when 90 percent of the buildings were damaged.

This could be the SOTIC where we form such a strong, one Caribbean alliance and create such a meaningful resource that we never again find ourselves scrambling for funding, just to be able to teach the world the geography of the Caribbean,”Riley said.

18 Oct 2017

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, OCT. 18, 2017 - Prime Minister, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell says he does not expect a further escalation of the recent industrial action called by the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and the Public Workers Union (PWU)

Both the PWU and the TAWU instructed their members to remain at home on Monday, October 16 and Tuesday 17, in a move the Government Negotiating Team said is disappointing, because of the unions’ rejection of the Minister of Labour’s mediation efforts, regarding one-off payment to Public Service Employees.

During the Government’s weekly Post-Cabinet Briefing, Prime Minister Mitchell pointed out that in addition to honouring a commitment of the previous government and meeting salaries on time, his Government has paid an additional $106 million to public service workers and there is another $4 million being committed.

However, with the public workers asking for an additional nine million, the Prime Minister said they must be concerned about all workers, and not just one group.

“I do not see how the Government can continue to meet the responsibility to one set of workers in the country, while others are not able to have anything. So, you mentioned the fact that the country is going to suffer. My own reading of things is that people are beginning to understand what is taking place. I was at the Ministry of Finance a while ago. Our revenue base is intact. People are working.

The leadership is there doing their work. The few areas that had misunderstanding appear to be clarified, at this point in time, and I don’t see the impact that some people may have wanted to see for whatever reasons. I don’t see it occurring. So, I am very hopeful that common sense will prevail and that we will see an end to this impasse that appears to be occurring, at this particular time.”

Prime Minister Mitchell said his government cannot, in good conscience, ignore the needs of others in the country who also require assistance.

“The Government went way beyond its means. We have, my dear friend, we have the young people still out there without jobs. What do I do, forget them, as Prime Minister?” He asked. Continuing, the Prime Minister said, “A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Skerrit went to Barbuda and gave relief to Barbudans, water and everything.

Today, he needs more than that in Dominica. There are people whose homes are still wetting when rains falls in this country. Should I forget them?

Don’t give them anything; don’t give them a piece of board, but just give more and more and more? I can’t. I can’t. My conscience would not allow me to do it and I think anyone who has a conscience will not proceed to want that to happen.”

10 Oct 2017
ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, Monday 9th October, 2017: Approximately EC$ 1.06 million dollars in grant resources have been made available by the Green Climate Fund (GCF), and  Grenada will partner with GIZ, (The German Agency for International Cooperation), to access its first tranche of readiness support.
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the newest and largest global fund created through the Paris Agreement to support the efforts of developing countries to respond to the challenges of climate change. It was set up by the 194 countries who are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
With this, our country joins Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as the third small island state in the Caribbean to receive grant support from the Green Climate Fund.
This milestone will support Grenada’s capacity to access additional climate finance from this newly established climate fund.
The Readiness programme is only one area of support under the GCF mechanism, which helps countries to establish the needed institutional structures, national processes and project pipelines to ensure the development of climate proofed project proposals which are based on the national priorities and an open stakeholder engagement process.
GIZ will support this implementation as delivery partner, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Planning as well as the Division of the Environment.
Key objectives of this readiness support will be to enhance the capacity of Grenada’s National Designated Authority (NDA) to effectively coordinate with line ministries, statutory bodies and development partners on accessing the Fund and to prepare a country programme.
To ensure transparency in the GCF processes, as well as support effective stakeholder engagement processes, including private sector, civil society and NGOs. In parallel, the Ministry of Economic Development and Planning, jointly with NAWASA and GIZ, are preparing a project to ensure climate resilience of the water sector in Grenada, to be submitted to the GCF in the coming weeks, at a value of more than EC$100 million dollars.
20 Sep 2017

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, 20th  September, 2017– GIS:“It is clear that we have a tremendous challenge on our hands, in the Caribbean region as a whole.”

Those were the words of Grenada’s Prime Minister and Chairman of CARICOM Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, in response to the effects of Hurricane Maria in Dominica, on Monday night, September 18th.

The Prime Minister, who appeared visibly shaken by the news coming out of Dominica, after that country was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, said that he had spoken to his colleague Prime Minister in Dominica on Monday night, during the passage of the hurricane.

Since then, there has been no communication from the Dominican leader to his colleagues.

Dr. Mitchell expressed his best wishes for the safety of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and the people of Dominica and he offered Grenada’s solidarity and support and extended best wishes to all other Islands in the path of Hurricane Maria—the United States Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe and other Islands which are under Hurricane Watch or Warning.

The Grenadian leader made a public plea to all Grenadians, stating that “we, in Grenada must recognize that we have a tremendous responsibility to help out our brothers and sisters in Dominica and all other affected countries.

This is about us, the region.”

The Prime Minister was speaking before the Media on Wednesday at noon, on returning to Grenada after his last weekend’s visit to Turks and Caicos and several Islands in the Bahamas that were affected by Hurricane Irma only a week before.

Earlier last week also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 12 and 13th, the Prime Minister and a team from the CARICOM Secretariat also visited with, and expressed solidarity and support to the Governments and people of the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Antigua and Barbuda—Islands which were all damaged by Hurricane Irma.

15 Sep 2017
ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA,15th September, 2017: The Government of Grenada received XCD $4.36 million dollars from the European Union as the First Fixed Tranche under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme. 
This is the first of two disbursements of a grant in support of development in the Health Sector.   Specifically, the funds will support Government’s Primary Health Care Reform Programme.
One of the major initiatives will be the construction of the Gouyave Medical Center.
Other areas of focus under the Programme are:
  • Implementation of a Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Survey and Health Promotion Campaign;
  • Development of the National Health Insurance Legislative Framework; and
  • Institutionalization of a Monitoring and Evaluation System for the Health Sector
In addition, the Government is expected to receive 1.2 million euros for Technical Assistance and to support the National Authorizing Office (NAO) and the Non-State Actors Panel.
Over the years, Grenada has received support from Stabex-Fund, SFA, the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9thand 10th EDF and Vulnerability Flex Programmes, totaling over 80 million euros and making the European Union one of Grenada’s major grant contributors to national development.
On behalf of the people, the Government of Grenada expresses sincere appreciation to the European Union for its continued contribution to the development of Grenada.
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