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21 Dec 2017

Government Rooting for Youth Entrepreneurship

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, DEC. 21, 2017 - More Imani trainees will be incorporated within the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries in 2018, as noted by Youth Minister, Senator Pamela Moses, during her presentation at the 2018 Budget Senate Debate.

The partnership between the Ministries will be strengthened through the Ministry’s Empowerment Program which seeks to provide training to young men for 18 months. Trainees will be assigned to fishermen and experts, in other important areas.
“Fishing is one of the areas. So, we’ll be assigning those young men to fishermen, where they would be able to go out there and learn how to fish - trawlers, small fishing boats – everywhere,” she said.

Moses noted that the area of fish processing will be another priority area for engagement.

“We are getting that a lot, we’re a Government that listens, you know,” she said.

It is the hope that, at the end of the Empowerment Program, Government can assist the participants to become entrepreneurs.

“We are pushing them towards employing themselves. That young man who went out with the fishermen, at the end of the programme, we’re going to help him become a fisherman himself. That young man, who did the farming programme, at the end of it all, that young man would be encouraged to build his own poultry unit and start rearing his own chicken,” the Senator explained.

“We’re going to help him find markets in the hotels and he’s going to understand what it means to have money in his pocket, at the end of this programme, Mr. President, the young man who did landscaping, he would have amassed a savings, it would be a mandatory savings that will be taken from all of their stipends – a new approach. 
Mr. President – a new approach, we will take a savings from their stipend and at the end of the program we’re going to match the savings with a loan, through our Grenada Development Bank, and they will be able to purchase the equipment, or that which they need, to start their own business and that will be the exit for that programme. It would run for approximately one year, Mr. President.” 

The program has already been launched and will commence in 2018.
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