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12 Sep 2017

Poultry Association praises Government

ST. GEORGES, GRENADA, SEPT. 12, 2017–The Grenada Poultry Association is commending the Government of Grenada for its work towards the establishment of a Poultry Policy, which was passed this year.

During a recent budget consultation with farmers and fishermen in St. Andrew on, Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Poultry Association, Joshua Lewis, expressed appreciation for the significant support received by many on the journey, but noted that the support provided by government was unsurpassed.

“Nobody has stood with us better than this current government. Like I said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. They’ve passed the policy. They’ve passed the conclusion,” said Lewis.

“ The rest is up to us. The most powerful people are the consumers. You are the ones who are buying. I’m asking you to buy local chicken and I’m saying to you, as we move forward, the prices will go down”.
Lewis highlighted that the Poultry Policy will allow farmers to unlock the potential of the industry, but noted that it must benefit the more than 200 small farmers, as equally as it benefits the larger poultry farmers.

“The policy just can’t benefit the few. It has to benefit the many. Now in order to do that, I’m asking that the poultry policy be considered in terms of the budget, because in order to ensure those 250 odd small farmers benefit from that policy,” Lewis explained.
“We will need some seed funding, in terms of having the proper staff to ensure that the implementation that needs to be done, to benefit the country – as a whole – those things are done by employing the right people.” 
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