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  • What are the biggest challenges in terms international trade right now? >

    Expanding business overseas means reaching new clients or customers and potentially boosting profits. Despite all the uncertainty of 2017 and Read More
  • What is a Global Risk? >

    A global risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, can cause significant negative impact for several Read More
  • What is a Global Trend? >

    A global trend is a long-term pattern that is currently taking place and that could contribute to amplifying global risks Read More
  • How do I obtain an Importation License? >

    A Trade and/or an Import License are required for the importation of goods that are locally produced but are sourced Read More
  • Do I have to pay duty if I import something for my personal use? >

    All goods imported or exported must be declared to Customs. With the exception of some goods carried as passenger's baggage Read More
  • Who is an Ombudsman? >

    An Ombudsman is sometimes called a "Complaints Commissioner" He/she is an official appointed to look into complaints of mal-administration on Read More
  • What is Trade Policy? >

    The Laws, Regulations, Regional & International Agreements and Negotiating positions adopted by Governments to support domestic firms. Trade is an Read More
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